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Onward Bound

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    Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    Shoes, Part 2

    So last night I gave the Brooks Addictions a test run on the treadmill. I liked them; they certainly felt stable and my feet weren't going anywhere other than straight ahead, but the problem is they felt like bricks. I'm just not used to so much support and stiffness in my shoe.

    So, I decided that I really want to try the New Balance 857 shoes. (Remember these are the shoes I also liked, but they didn't have them in my size.) I called the local running store and ordered the NB's in my size from another store location. They are expected to be in at my store by Thursday.

    My thought process is that it's really nice to know there are shoes that are as supportive as the Addictions, but I'd like to try the NB's before I go that route. (The NB's are stability shoes, but not motion control) I could always start with the NB's and if I determine I need more support down the road (no pun intended), if needed, I could switch to the Addictions before the fall marathon season. (Did I just say that?)

    Then again, reading the runner's world comparison on the NB's, The Addictions and my old Ascis 2100's and maybe I do need the Addictions because it doesn't look like the NB's are all that different from the Ascis. I guess I'll just go to the store on Thursday and try the NB's and decide from there. Clearly, I need something else to stress about.


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