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Onward Bound

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes life is awesome. Sometimes it a little bit of both. Either way, you have to keep going. I'll be running, laughing, crying and sharing it all here.

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    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Itching feet

    First, I want to thank all of the folks who have taken the time to read my blog in the past few weeks. Your comments mean so much to me. Second, we have some other marathons coming up soon and I can't wait to hear about your experiences.

    Sorry for my brief hiatus. I needed some time to debrief and refocus on some things that kind of got pushed to the side during my training. So here are my updates:

    ~The hamstring is still hurting me. However, the pain has finally localized to one spot and is starting to subside. I can walk again properly.
    ~I haven't run or even used the eliptical machine because I really want my muscles to heal so they don't become reinjured. This has been killing me.
    ~I anticipate a return to running this weekend.
    ~I am looking for a half marathon to begin training for, possibly in late November. There is a fun event on November 20th that I am seriously considering for my come back race.
    ~My race pictures are up, but I don't like them because I feel like I look fat and weird with the knee brace on. I'm walking in a few.

    I need to catch up on everyone's blogs and I'm itching to start running again very soon.


    At 9:56 AM, October 05, 2005, Blogger Flatman said...

    I say you look tremendous for what you were going through! What no puking pictures!???

    At 1:41 PM, October 05, 2005, Blogger a.maria said...

    girl. that half marathon is a month after my full... i'm thinking, we run it together.

    ??!?!? it'd give me a reason to keep running!! a goal!! for this very goal-oriented girl, thats a good thing!

    lemme know!

    At 2:43 PM, October 05, 2005, Blogger Stephanie said...

    Sounds like a plan to me. If you are up for it, I am!

    At 6:54 PM, October 05, 2005, Blogger Keryn said...

    If you're looking for more races:

    Since KC isn't THAT far from Nebraska - there's a half and full marathon in Lincoln in early May and a half and full marathon in Omaha in late September.

    I can't wait to hear about you and a. maria running together! This will be so exciting!

    At 9:47 PM, October 05, 2005, Blogger Anne said...


    I've been meaning to let you know that I found your account of your first marathon experience to be one of the most gut-wretching (literally) but heartwarming. You are more of an inspiration that you probably realized before everyone started saluting you for your valiant efforts.

    Keep healing that hamstring!

    At 11:00 PM, October 05, 2005, Blogger jeanne said...

    I second flatman! You DO NOT look fat (god, us women!!) And no hurling photos??!! :)

    You look amazing considering what you did. I hope you are still revelling in it!!

    I wonder if I'll still feel like running after my big day. Good for you to start planning again so soon!

    At 10:17 AM, October 06, 2005, Blogger a.maria said...

    girl, you're on.

    now then. how the crap do we run in the cold? its FREEZING OUTSIDE!!!

    At 10:52 AM, October 06, 2005, Blogger Stephanie said...

    I LOVE running in the autumn cool weather. Trust me, it's so much better than the heat! Just be sure to stretch VERY good b/c I hear it's easier to pull/tear muscles in the cooler weather.

    At 12:59 PM, October 06, 2005, Blogger Flatman said...

    Keryn:...I can't wait to hear about you and a. maria running together! This will be so exciting!...

    Or at least really funny!

    At 1:24 PM, October 06, 2005, Blogger Rae said...

    Good to hear you're recovering so well! There's a half marathon in Memphis the first weekend in December that Brent and I will be doing. We'd love for you to join us!

    At 9:27 PM, October 06, 2005, Blogger partyrunner said...

    a.maria and steph: i think you guys are nuts to already be contemplating a half marathon. but then, i was sidelined for 6 weeks after my marathon. more power to you.

    steph: if you can look that fabulous in race photos taken my race people then by golly you're a hottie! it's like those photogs are told: "go out and come back with pictures of runners ONLY when they have unnatural expressions"

    thanks for the update!

    At 8:31 AM, October 07, 2005, Blogger Stephanie said...

    Awwww such a sweet offer. My husband and I have actually been talking about Memphis, but he wants to go in May for barbecue. Ha. priorities! :)

    At 9:34 PM, October 07, 2005, Blogger Rae said...

    The BBQ @ Memphis in May IS awesome. I grew up in Memphis and moved to Nashville after college so this half will be a weird homecoming of sorts for me. I'm looking forward to it SO much!! It runs past a lot of places I used to hang out at in high school that I haven't been to in 10 years. I can't believe it's been that long now!

    At 7:26 PM, October 09, 2005, Blogger Scott in Washington said...


    We're all obviously interested and waiting to hear about it as you get closer to starting training again. I still amazed and inspired by your marathon story. Keep on choogling!


    PS; I usually hate my own race pictures too.

    At 7:16 PM, October 10, 2005, Blogger a.maria said...

    ok, talked to the coach and he was actually going to suggest to our team that we do the gobbler grind half... he's done it 3 times, said its pretty fun, and it'll be good for continuing running, so we dont just do the M and quit cold turkey (hahaha... turkey. gobbler grind.... yeah. ok. that was lame!)

    anyway. so its official. i'm registering for it tomorrow! he suggested a couple 8's and a couple 10's for the long runs, and just keep the weekday runs to between 3 and 6, and that i'd be in good shape for the half so...

    yeah. just thought i'd let'cha know!


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