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Onward Bound

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes life is awesome. Sometimes it a little bit of both. Either way, you have to keep going. I'll be running, laughing, crying and sharing it all here.

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    Sunday, August 14, 2005

    Family Fitness

    Yesterday, Matt purchased a new Gary Fisher Mountain Bike. Because he can't run (severe knee injury in army...6 knee surgeries.), he decided (partly inspired by his obsessed-with-running wife?) to get into cycling. Motivated by his new purchase and celebrating a shared day off during the weekend, we hit the road this morning for my 8-mile run together. Matt on bike and me on new insoles, we conquered a 4-mile loop twice. Everything for me went well. Of course it hurt. I'm used to that these days. But I made sure to take walking breaks when the pain peeked and kept it nice and steady/slow.

    I'm currently icing it and feeling pretty positive about the prospects of doubling the mileage for next week's long run. Everything other than my foot/ankle feels GREAT when I run. I'm taking it as a good sign.

    Meanwhile, I have to say the family fitness was fun this morning. It was so nice outside, as I'm sure A.Maria will note when she reports about the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Run this morning.

    I was thinking a lot about what "real" runners would say about my walking breaks, (see Jeanne's post) and then I decided, screw them. It is all about personal achievement, not what anyone else thinks about your performance.


    At 12:31 PM, August 14, 2005, Blogger brent said...

    "What you will experience when you cross the finish line is a physical, emotional, and, some would say, spritual moment that is unlike any other. That moment is the same whether you finish a full marathon in 3 hours or a half-marathon in 3 hours. Your joy, your satisfaction, your release is not connected to your watch. Your spirit doesn't know how to tell time." --John Bingham in Marathoning for Morals. He has run 32+ marathons and started out as a 240 lb out of shape guy. I don't about you but i plan to walk a bit during my marathon particularly through the water stops. I've read about expert marathoners who have walked through every water stop and still finished in 4 hours. Walking does not mean you are weak. particularly when you are nursing an injury. anybody who looks down on runners who walk, has seriuos self confidence issues of their own.

    At 12:32 PM, August 14, 2005, Blogger brent said...

    "...serious..." oops.

    At 2:17 PM, August 14, 2005, Blogger jeanne said...

    Amen brother! And sister!

    (I don't know why i ever linked to those morons!)

    At 5:13 PM, August 15, 2005, Blogger bunnygirl said...

    It's your race, not "theirs" so if you want to walk, walk. Especially if you've been injured. I think scheduled walk breaks should be mandatory for anyone coming off an injury.

    Congrats to Matt on the new bike! I'm assuming he was fitted professionally, right? A seat that's too high or too low, or cleats that aren't set just right can lead to further knee troubles.

    Once everything is set properly though, he's got a knee-friendly sport for life. Make sure he checks out all the non-competitive organized rides in your area-- he'll have a blast!

    At 8:30 PM, August 15, 2005, Blogger Riona said...

    Absolutely agree. It is your race. It's not like there's, you know, rules or anything. Go for it.

    At 1:02 PM, January 10, 2006, Anonymous Jeramy Greene said...

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