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Onward Bound

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes life is awesome. Sometimes it a little bit of both. Either way, you have to keep going. I'll be running, laughing, crying and sharing it all here.

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    Saturday, July 30, 2005

    Breaking all sorts of rules...

    After weighing all of the pros and cons of whether or not to run 15 miles today, I made the decision not to run. Yesterday, I walked around a lot in Lawrence, KS with a friend and my ankle was very tender by the end of the day. I've been on a serious ice regiment and I'm really hoping to make a great come back. My marathon is just too important to me to risk further injury. I'm telling you, it was HARD decision. Especially since last week the most I ran was 5 miles and since then, I've only run 4 miles. This is not good...

    But, I'm determined to make it to the marathon. If I'm under trained, I'm under trained.

    Having made the hard decision, I knew I had only one option left. Three grueling hours on the eliptical machine. That's right folks. Your friend Stephanie has gone where she hopes no other RBF members have to go. From 6:45-10 a.m. this morning (the 15 minutes extra was the time I spent walkingand stomping around in circles every hour to wake up my feet) my life consisted of eliptical hell. I wanted to be running so bad.

    In order to prentend I was running, I still followed my pre-run routine of eating, drinking water and even using body glide. (Hey, I didn't know what my body would do if I spent that long on the thing.) I also brought along a thing of gu to keep my body used to it. (And after 1.5 hours, some extra energy was sounding great.)

    At our apartment complex workout room, there is HUGE sign that reads: "Please limit your workouts to no more than 30 minutes. Thank you." So, I was super nervous that I would get busted. Believe it or not, there are people who WANT to work out on that thing. I figured if I went early enough, I wouldn't have too much of a problem.

    After 2 hours, during one of my walking around stomping breaks, a girl came in and asked me if I was done on the eliptical. I said no, I have (pause.) an hour left. She looked at me like, "WHAT?" So I apologized and explained the entire saga of my marathon and my ankle and my training etc... She seemed to forgive me and moved to the treadmill. I apologized a million times. But we talked for a while and suddenly I'm thinking, she knows an awful lot about me. The first few hints were subtle:
    "How's your husband?"
    "Did you cut your hair?"

    And then:
    "Is your air conditioning working?"

    That's when I realized...it was the apartment complex MANAGER!!!!! Yikes. I hope we don't get evicted. Luckily, she was nice. I feel like I should bribe her with something.

    Here's to hoping I'm up to my 16 miles next week. I really hate breaking the rules.


    At 6:03 PM, July 30, 2005, Blogger jeanne said...

    Holy freakin' s***!! If I do 31 minutes (instead of 30) on the elliptical I think I deserve a medal! Three hours?? ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!

    Can you call your coach? In our training manual, it says if you get injured, call the coach and they'll work out an alternate training schedule for you. Maybe it's time to do that. I'm SURE you'll make the marathon, but I know I'd be a nervous wreck about it too.

    Good luck, and I do believe you belong in the Guiness Book of World Records for putting up with that torture machine for three hours. Now that's some display of willpower!

    At 6:55 PM, July 30, 2005, Blogger a.maria said...

    holy MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot believe you were on the machine of death for so long holy CRAP. i'm more impressed with that than with the 15 miles...thats insanity my friend, you are one determined chica.
    (and maybe just a little nuts!!!)

    wow and wow. hope the ankle gets to feeling better REAL soon!

    At 8:57 AM, July 31, 2005, Blogger Stephanie said...

    Thanks guys. Oh boy, am I sore today too! That thing must work different muscles.

    Hey Jeanne, I don't have a coach. :( I thought that's what you guys were for. ha.

    At 9:55 AM, July 31, 2005, Blogger brent said...

    wow that is intense! bravo, i would have fallen over after about an hour. heh. now rest that ankle :)

    At 10:06 AM, July 31, 2005, Blogger BigRedYamaha said...

    Sounds like you made the right decision, but I bet you mind was wondering on that thing. If I don't get a good view of a TV I am tired after only a few minutes. Ice works wonders on my Achilles and ankle pain. But if it starts swelling you might just need rest. I believe you can make it though if you keep up with this awesome cross training.

    At 8:01 PM, July 31, 2005, Blogger jeanne said...

    No coach!! How do I not know this? I knew you were training alone, but I thought you were still participating with a group from afar or something. Ah well, I'm just dense!

    I bet there's good advice at cool running or runner's world. Let's check there about what to do when you're sidelined with an injury...a TEMPORARY injury.

    At 6:07 AM, August 01, 2005, Blogger Stephanie said...

    Well, my boss has run 13 marathons and is big into TNT, but I try not to go to him too much with my running crap. I asked for his opinion before Saturday about running vs. eliptical and he seemed to think eliptical was a good option b/c it kept the cardio work and endurance up....

    As of Monday a.m., the ankle still hurts and despite all the positive vibes I'm sending, the constant icing and advil I don't know what to do. The doctor seemed to think it is tendonitis, but not of the achilis, but of the inside of the ankle.

    At 8:20 AM, August 01, 2005, Blogger Flatman said...

    Cripes! 3 HOURS!!! Are you a robot???

    At 11:31 AM, August 01, 2005, Blogger Stephanie said...

    Flatman, not a robot, just determined. I'd probably stand on my head for three hours if it would get me to finishing this thing.

    At 1:06 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger Scott in Washington said...

    Three hours is amazing. The longest I've ever spent on one of those things is about an hour. Holy snotcakes.

    I don't have a coach either. Where do people get coaches (other than the Internet, like you said)?

    At 3:30 PM, August 01, 2005, Anonymous Richard said...

    Elliptical hell? Do you read Alex's blog? He's always trying to break 20,000 steps in the 90 minute machine cutoff - of course, he was injured and stir-crazy too. That time rocks though, and it is a great way to keep in running shape. Don't hold the handles and do use proper arm motion and low resistance all the time.

    At 8:55 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger jeanne said...

    I got a coach thru the AIDs marathon training program...and maybe if i were injured, he'd (they--there's more than one) would be of help..otherwise...um, well, they give good pep talks!

    the best advice comes from all you folks out there in blogland

    At 11:27 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger bunnygirl said...

    I had to do a lot of my marathon training on the elliptical too, five years ago. It was tough but it didn't kill me.

    I like to read when I'm on the elliptical machine. Go to the used book store and buy all their old Runners World magazines or something. It'll keep you inspired.

    You may also want to try deep water running and racewalking. For the deep water running, if you can do it in open water, so much the better. It's less boring that way.

    Good luck, and I hope you're feeling better soon. Get you a good sports doctor if things don't clear up in a reasonable timeframe.

    At 11:51 PM, August 02, 2005, Blogger bunnygirl said...

    Here's some more info for you.

    For starters, you may want to tape your ankle for support while it heals. Neither of these sites shows pre-wrap being used, but if you can find it, get it:



    And if it's a tendinitis problem, you'll want to regularly massage your calf muscles, but don't do a lot of stretching or rubbing of the tendons themselves. Relaxing the muscles will relieve the tension on the tendons and allow them to heal. More info here:


    The free forum archives are an excellent source of information.

    I hope some of this helps you get better soon!

    At 8:14 PM, August 03, 2005, Blogger The Big Cheese said...

    It is nice to read a blog and have the person talk about places I know all to well. I grew up in Kansas, and attended Pitt State. Glad I found this blog.

    At 9:28 PM, August 05, 2005, Blogger jeanne said...

    Hey, Where ARE you?? Tell us what's happening!!! Good bad or ugly.


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