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Onward Bound

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes life is awesome. Sometimes it a little bit of both. Either way, you have to keep going. I'll be running, laughing, crying and sharing it all here.

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    Monday, May 26, 2008

    100 Things About Me (Part I)

    1. If I want something bad enough, I will make it happen
    2. I am stubborn
    3. I'd skip dessert, but never cheese.
    4. Every night I take Gertie's bed and drag it into my room by my bed so we can sleep next to each other.
    5. I can't live without coffee.
    6. I want to be a roller derby girl, but I bruise easily and I'm vain.
    7. I will sometimes go see a movie just because I'm craving popcorn.
    8. And I never skip the butter.
    9. I have no poker face. Therefore, I'm an awful liar.
    10. I wear my heart on my sleeve, even when I'm not aware of it.
    11. Lately, memoirs before fiction
    12. In high school, I could have been Mandy Moore's character in Saved!
    13. I like Mandy Moore a lot.
    14. In Jr. High, I ran track, but I came in dead last in every 400 race I ran. One time I got third place, but it was still last and I was so proud of myself.
    15. My first road race was the Trolley Run in Kansas City in 1995.
    16. In college I made all my friends read Bridget Jones' Diary before the book was a hit and way before the movie.
    17. I hosted Morning Edition for an NPR station in Indiana.
    18. I loved working in radio.
    19. I want Terry Gross' job and her radio voice.
    20. Sometimes I wish I went to a college big enough that I wouldn't have to explain to people where it is and how small it is.
    21. I latch onto a song and will overplay it to insane levels.
    22. I am overprotective of Gertie.
    23. I like a firm mattress.
    24. And sheets with high thread count.
    25. I am light sensitive and sleep with a mask.
    26. I have a crown on my front right tooth.
    27. I worry about it popping off at inopportune times.
    28. When is a good time for your tooth to come off?
    29. I like spontaneous road trips.
    30. Especially if there is a lake and a boat involved. If not, shopping and fine dining will do.
    31. But I will not swim in water where snakes have been sighted.
    32. Or alligators. (Florida)
    33. One of my favorite places is the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
    34. I can't dance.
    35. I've tried.
    36. I still try.
    37. When I was a newspaper reporter, I once wrote a lawn & garden story about yard ornaments.
    38. And I went door to door to interview people about their gnomes and flamingos.
    39. Where is my Pulitzer?
    40. I don't like having my toes painted bright colors.
    41. I'd eat seafood everyday if I could.
    42. But if I eat shrimp and run or work out, I break out into hives and end up in the E.R.
    43. If I'm honest, I shouldn't eat shell fish ever. But I do.
    44. I hate my chin.
    45. But I love my nose.
    46. The best compliment I've ever received is that I'm quirky.
    47. I don't think cilantro tastes like soap.
    48. I've never waited tables or bar tended.
    49. Because I know I'd be awful at both.
    50. But my first job was at Baskin Robbins and I made a great ice cream server.


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