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Onward Bound

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes life is awesome. Sometimes it a little bit of both. Either way, you have to keep going. I'll be running, laughing, crying and sharing it all here.

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    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Wedding Crashers

    Life is interesting when you are newly single. Dating is new and exciting and often offers unexpected adventures...

    Date night last night with Mr. D. The plan: Visit the Nelson. Drinks (Harry's Bellini..mmmm)and the Preakness. Then visit the Kemper. Followed by dinner.

    If you aren't in Kansas City, you have to know that it was beautiful here last night. A perfect date night. And apparently, a perfect night for a wedding. Outside the Kemper, there was a wedding party posing for photos. It was sweet. Expected. Predictable.

    At M&S Grill, I wasn't expecting to see a bride and groom behind the bar posing for photos. Who does that? I mean it makes sense if you met there or both worked there or something, but I can think of a lot more picturesque places in this city to take the wedding party. Clearly our waitress was equally perplexed and frustrated with the rowdy crowd. Mr. D. just wanted to watch the race. Luckily they cleared out in time to see Big Brown's victorious run. We are both going through divorces, so we were making snarky comments under our breath, wishing them the best of luck yada yada...

    Later, slightly tipsy on my bellini (ok, I had two), we walked into the Kemper and were immediately greeted by a perky wedding planner.

    Are you here for the wedding?

    Me: No?
    Mr. D: Yes?
    Her: Laughter. So you are the wedding crashers! Well the museum is open, so have fun.
    Are you guys married? (she is looking at my left hand.)
    Us: Awkward laughter (we later agreed, we should have responded, no, not to each other.) No.
    Her: Well, maybe you'll get some ideas.
    Mr. D to me: Shall we get a drink? (We didn't.)

    Later, after the art, we were leaving and we stopped again to talk to the wedding planner who was clearly gunning for our future business.

    Her: So what did you think?
    Me: Gushing over cake, everything looks lovely etc...
    Her: Are you guys dating? (here she goes again.)
    Mr. D.: Sort of.
    Her to him: You seem like a lot of fun.
    Me: He is.

    Suddenly a guest with a digital camera comes up to the three of us and has us pose in a picture. Perky Wedding Planner says she'll be sure to tell the bride and groom that we were the crashers. (So if you are out there -- your wedding was lovely. Best wishes, really. Mean that. Take us cynical marriage nay sayers with a grain of salt. Be gentle with us. We've been through a lot.)
    More chit chat and then the wedding party showed up. We were outie.

    Mr D: We can't get away from these weddings!
    Me: And I'm sure there will be one at Grand Street...
    Mr. D. I'm leaving if there is. Taking you back and leaving.
    Me: Yah, you are so over this date if there is another wedding.

    Later when I asked the hostess at the restaurant if there was a wedding, she said there was a rehearsal dinner. Mr. D. took back his threat.


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