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Onward Bound

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes life is awesome. Sometimes it a little bit of both. Either way, you have to keep going. I'll be running, laughing, crying and sharing it all here.

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    Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    It had to be done

    Five miles. On the treadmill. Again. Oh boy, here we go.

    I've been having a rough go of it lately. Nothing major, just some stress and things, but I knew the treadmill was waiting for me after work. So I ponied up and paid my $5 to visit the gym (I'm on the MWFSun. plan which when it is not 100 degrees outside works out great, but on days when I need to visit to run, I just pay.) I guess a few other people had my idea that it was too hot to run outside. There wasn't a treadmill. I almost flipped. And then I waited. Luckily, one of the "good" treadmills opened up. (You know how it is, everyone has that one type of treadmill that works better for them.) Except there was another girl waiting and she was closer. Damn, I thought. But then she looked at me and motioned for me to take it. Me? I batted my eyelashes. Well, shucks. There are good people out there. You were here first, she said and I smiled and graciously thanked her.

    Unfortuantely, even though I got the "good" treadmill, I did not luck out on the T.V. viewing selection. It was either Fox News or BET music videos. I went with the music videos because I like me some Sierra every now and then...

    Mile 1: time usually flies by. Pace: 5.2 or 11:20. Incline: .5 (remained for entire run b/c I read in Runner's World, that .5 is actually a more natural, safe running incline.)

    Mile 2: time slows down, the dreaded realization that you are going to be on the machine for a while. Pace: 11:20

    Mile 3: missing my Garmin. Hate the electronic read-out on treadmill. Covered with towel, but then I needed the towel. Pace: 11:06. (Hey, switch it up a bit, keep it fresh, you know?)

    Mile 4: Oh how I hate people who can leave their treadmills now. Pace: 11:06

    Mile 5: Let's just get this over with. Pace: 10:40 for about .25 then back to 11:06. Who was I kidding?

    And there you have it. I was done. (and hungry, ravishing, actually. Go figure.) What this means is that on Thursday, I only have to run 4. Yay.


    At 8:50 AM, July 19, 2006, Blogger Running Jayhawk said...

    Nicely done!! Treadmills totally suck, but way to just crank that out...at 11:06 pace no less! :)

    At 9:15 AM, July 19, 2006, Blogger KT said...

    Ugh. I think I'd rather battle the heat than the evil treadmill. Way to warrior through it, lady.

    At 1:06 AM, July 21, 2006, Blogger Nic said...

    I actually love the treadmill. It's all about the tunes and the US Weekly!


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