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Onward Bound

Sometimes life is tough. Sometimes life is awesome. Sometimes it a little bit of both. Either way, you have to keep going. I'll be running, laughing, crying and sharing it all here.

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    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    wet dog, wet car, wet hair

    This morning there was a downpour. I took Gertie down to do her business, but it was raining so hard, I thought I'd stop by my car first and grab my umbrella.

    Bad idea.

    Because as soon as I opened up the car door to grab my umbrella, Gertie thought it was time to go for a ride.

    And she didn't want to leave the car.

    So I'm standing outside the car in the POURING rain, pulling on her leash trying to coax her out of the car while she's having none of it.


    Well of course she's all dry and cozy as a bug while I'm getting DRENCHED! By the time I got her out and my umbrella up, I was soaked. I had to do my hair again and blow dry my clothes.

    I love that stupid dog.


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